Although every tattoo we produce is as individual as you are, we also believe in team work. We’ve gathered together one of the greatest tattoo team in Bali, dedicated to deliver you the finest artistry, hygienic and care when it comes to both tattoos and piercings.
So, whoever’s hands you’re in, you can have every confidence in Shotonk Family Team.

Gede Shotonk
Head Artist / Owner


The man behind Shotonk Tattoos and our “tattoos built to last” ethos is Gede Shotonk :

  • Over 16 years’ international tattooing experiences.
  • Awards Winning Artistry.
  • Superb bespoke and custom tattoo design.

Shotonk started knowing tattoo when he was only a junior high school student. Because of his drawing ability, a friend lent him his equipment and his body to be the learning media. “Almost all over his body is full of my works,” Shotonk said.

A buffalo head was Shotonk’s first work on the body of Kadek Suardika, his friend. He said it was ugly and a bit messy, but he always practiced on his friend’s body ever since. After he was confident enough, in 1998 he opened his own tattoo studio in Singaraja. But it was only a year before he decided to move to Kuta.

At first in Kuta, Shotonk became a temporary tattoo artist in Matahari Mall Legian. Then he reopened his own studio named Bulldog Tattoo in Kuta Square, but unfortunately it only lasted for a year too. After that, Shotonk joined in Legian 64 studio, then moved to Mr. Barong, and finally went back to Legian 64 for 7 years before he again opened Shotonk Tattoo Studio. He decided to run a private studio because he thought it was impossible to work for someone else forever, also it was about time for him learning to be responsible of his own future.

Robert Vandal
Tattoo Artist


Robert is our youngest artist. He was born in Singaraja at 1998.

He is naturally talented, started to learn to draw and make arts from he was a child, he is gifted to be born as the son of the Legend, Gede Shotonk .

He loves painting,and his inspiration is Nick Baxter and David Jorqera. He also loves ska punk, reggae and psychedelic rock music.

His fave quote is ” No great mind has ever existed without touch of madness “

Person In Charge


Bali Born 1991, Raised in the Tattoo Environment. Tattoos is not only her passion, but also a big part of her. She often says it, tattoo is more likely to be her soul.

Bachelor of Art and Design, University of New South Wales, Australia.

Bachelor of Business Administration, The Economic School of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Kadek Perino
Artist Assistant


He was born in Singaraja at 1995. He started to work with Shotonk in 2012. He loves food and loves to do hiking. His favorite tattoo artist is Robert Hernandez. And he likes Punk music.