Our brand new, state of the art tattoo studio offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, where you can comfortably browse our massive selection of tattoo designs.

Nervous about needles?

With over several year’s combined industry experience, we understand that some individuals find the idea of a tattoo or piercing a little nerve-wracking, however much they want to have it done! Rest assured that with our friendly, caring approaches and responsible, professional procedures, we’ll take the best possible care of you!

Superior standards of hygiene and care

We don’t just pay attention to detail in our amazing tattoo designs or our careful, precise piercing services … We have exacting standards when it comes to running of our tattoo and piercing studio!

We pride ourselves on providing the very best in standards of hygiene across all areas of our work. We’re fully certified for tattooing and piercing and we adhere closely to all relevant standards of health and hygiene.

a pressure chamber used to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 °C.

Brand new Needles
We use the new technology : Catridge tattoo needles

Medical Sanitizer
used to destroy microorganisms using ozone and heat.