Shotonk Tattoos Bali was proudly launched in 2008 to be the finest tattoo & piercing shop and art gallery in Bali. Gede shotonk as the owner and the head artists have a very reputable experience in tattoo business in Bali, Indonesia and abroad. As a well known tattoo artist, he often to be called as The Master and The Living Legend.

We provide quality, safety and fine artistic tattoos. As a tattoo is permanent and a lifelong commitment, we’ll make sure that you would not regret by choosing us to be your tattoo makers. We do our art seriously with soul.
Our artists are skilled and are naturally born talented. We have been achieving awards for our works. We also do cover-up or just to retouch an old tattoo. As well as to work with you to create the tattoo you have been dreaming of.
We build the trust and reputation to be the finest in Bali, as our commitment as an artist, with our soul and proudness to deliver you our masterpiece. We are internationally certified in the standard tattooing safety procedures for your convenience.

Shotonk Tattoos – for your body piercing too!

We are also teamed up with qualified piercing technicians, we offer full range of body and facial piercings. Our piercing studio is fully equipped to offer piercings in the most hygienic ways with the privacy the process might need. Free consultation before the piercing process happens is provided.

Our service

  • Body piercings including dermal piercings
  • Eyebrow piercing
  • Ear piercing
  • Nose piercing
  • Septum piercing

We offer a superb range of body jewelries to fit your piercing!

  • Full consultation first to ensure that you know all about the piercing you’re interested in before proceeding.
  • Range of body jewelry to choose from, with advice on which types best suit the piercing you’d like to have.
  • Working gently with you if you are sensitive to needles or have “personal space” issues.

Aftercare isn’t an after-thought

It’s not only our in-studio hygiene which is important to us, it’s ensuring that you have the right information for the after-care of your tattoos and piercings as well!

We’ll provide you the information you need to ensure optimum healing, but if you have any worries or questions after you leave us, don’t hesitate to ask and write us.

Our strength is in our quality of service:

Our conveniently location offers a fun and family friendly atmosphere. Standards of hygiene are second to none, our designs are inspirational and our piercing services are precise and perfect!

  • Award-winning artistry
  • Precision piercing
  • Uncompromising hygiene


Certified Membership of Bali Tattoo Artist Club (BTAC)
Certified Membership of Indonesian Subculture Bali Region
Certified Membership of Indonesian Subculture Indonesia


GEDE Shotonk
Head Artist / Owner

Ash Royal
Person In Charge

Robert Vandal

kadek perino
artist assistant